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My Mama Warrior Story...

Welcome to Mama Warriors Community! Want to share my story and why I started this Mommy Blog. We Mamas have to stick together. We all know it is not easy being a Mama. Of course putting our children first is our priority, but we have to also take care of ourselves and don’t forget about self care. I wanted to create a safe place where Mamas can express their thoughts, concerns, or just seek advice without feeling judged. We all have been there and can help each other through certain obstacles of being a Mama. Here is my Mama Warrior background story, can’t wait to hear yours!

I have a beautiful two-year old son that I am so grateful for. It took me and my husband a year and a half to conceive our baby boy. I was stressing out and before we were about to go and check what was going on, we found out we were expecting! My pregnancy was very difficult in my last trimester. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and my blood pressure sky rocketed. This cause our baby to be born prematurely at 36 weeks. He was born with a minor heart issue that will improve with time. After I had my son, I still had high blood pressure, high heart rate, and lost so much blood during c-section I required two blood infusions. My health changed so much and didn’t improve until my son was about a year old. So shortly after I started feeling like my old self, I found out I was pregnant with twins. Which should be an exciting moment, came with being worried because I was considered high risk because my previous pregnancy. Then at about 7 weeks I was told that my thyroid levels were off and shortly after we lost one of our twins. We were very disappointed but happy we still had a baby on the way. But sadly at 10 weeks we lost the other baby. We were in disbelief and could not believe this was happening to us. I then had to battle depression and major anxiety after our loss. I turned family and friends away that just wanted to come and provide comfort and condolences. I even became distant with my hubby, and did not fully mourn the loss with him. Then COVID-19 happened two weeks later. So right when I was feeling ready to have my friends and family around to provide support and comfort, I was not allowed to. The anxiety and obsession with the pandemic on top of the recent loss took over me and caused a mental breakdown. I was not taking care of myself mentally and physically and needed professional help. I am not ashamed to admit it, because I learned so much about myself from this experience. I learned what family and friends that are truly there for me. I learned not to take anything for granted and appreciate the little things in life. I am looking forward to the future and all of the amazing journeys that are coming my way.  Life has it’s challenges. It is all about overcoming them and not letting them overcome you. So just know I have been in that dark space and that you are not alone Mommas. Looking forward to making this a community you can turn to for support!

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